Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marge in Philippine's Next Top Model

Tonight, RPN 9 premiered the Philippine version of Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model, the Philippine's Next Top Model. By 8:30 PM, the show opened with a fast-paced look at the past search auditions in the country, and immediately revealing the Top 27. From the Top 27, they further eliminated them down to the Final Top 14.

Our focus is on Marjorie "Marge" Cornillez of Antipolo City, one of the semi-finalists. For everyone's information, she is an irregular Mass Communication student here in PUP College of Communication. Fortunately, she is presently our classmate in the subject Intro to Humanities, and last sem, she was also our classmate in Philippine Literature. According to her, she was actually a student from the College of Engineering, but she was encouraged to transfer here in COC because it was more fit for her beauty. And now, she has proven her worth by being selected as finalist in PNTM.

For the pilot episode, the finalists were isolated to an apartment-type building as their temporary house for the series' run. There were limited beds, so two of them were left sleeping on the living room.

The first challenge/activity was a photo shoot in the busy Avenida with photographer and judge Xander Angeles. It wasn't just any ordinary shoot, because in front of the people, they were to wear bikini. Following that was the deliberation of the panel of judges (Rufa Gutierrez, Robbie Carmona, Pauline Sauco-Juan, and Xander Angeles), and their verdict on every 'best shot' of the finalists. Honestly, Marge had very little exposure in the episode, as there were very few and quick shots on her.

The denouement was an elimination of one of the finalists, done by giving the photo of the finalist who survives and continues to the next round. The last two who were not called were Kaye and Marge. To Marge, Rufa said, "Marge, you're beautiful, but people seem to forget you or recall your name." To Kaye, Rufa said, "Kaye, you look like a model, but you don't have a personality."

"Who will win--the girl with no presence (Marge), or the girl with no personality (Kaye)?"

When Rufa showed what she's holding, there was no picture. Meaning, both of the two were eliminated.

"Siguro hindi para sa 'kin 'to. May purpose kung bakit natanggal ako," Marge relates as she packs up her things."

Even though Marge was eliminated too early, we in RC 2-1 are proud of her for reaching to that far level in the competition. At least, she had her stint on TV and compared to others, she prioritizes her studies. As shown earlier in the show, one of the finalists even stopped studying for that contest. Well, I wish her good luck.

To Marge, congratulations and we're very proud of you!

Galing ng COC, Galing ng PUP!

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