Tuesday, June 05, 2007

RC 3-1D Conquering College Administration?

No, it's not. The news is, we have our colleagues as the student assistants for this school year. Mart Elias Carlo Marañon renews his contract (artista?!) under Sir Racidon Bernarte. Dean Robert Soriano's new assistant is Vernon Carlo Parreño. And if I'm not mistaken, Diessa Liane Asidao is still in the DBC office.

If you can remember, Mart previously planned to finish his S.A. stint this school year, but according to him, Sir Don doesn't want him yet to leave. When I asked Carlo on his move, he jokingly said that he and Dean made 'brokeback-an' that's why he was easily hired. Well, of course that's a joke. But wait, here's another joke from Vernon. He asked me to watch this video of Michael V. You watch it yourself and see what his joke is:

Meanwhile, DBC Chairperson Edna Bernabe has left for the States last May 22. In a text message from her, she said she is not yet certain of her plans to stay there for good. She is also thinking about teaching there. She asked our class to take care of ourselves and she is counting on us to become an outstanding section. She is also asking to take care of her niece Heleena.

At present, the acting DBC chairperson is Prof. Racidon Bernarte. Hmm, I wonder if he's still in charge of the Research, Extension and Linkages Office? I haven't asked Mart yet, but I'll update this entry later.

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JM said...

Ay nako, etong si mart hindi na kinuha yung regi nya. Nagawa pa palang mag-sleepover... Heto ebidensya: Click here