Saturday, March 08, 2008

PUP College of Communication awarded LEVEL III Accreditation Status

After almost two years of hard work and preparation, the PUP College of Communication has finally reached the top as it bagged the AACCUP Level III Accreditation Status yesterday, March 7. The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) team of accreditors headed by Dr. Manuel Corpus gave the college one of the highest credit ratings in the history of the accrediting institution. Of the 77 programs accredited in PUP, COC is said to be one of the highest. Most importantly, the college has added another title besides Certified Outstanding College; it is now "The First Communication School in the Philippines to reach Level II Accreditation Status". Level III is described as a national level of accreditation, whereas Levels I and II are of college and university levels.

During yesterday's presentation which was the second phase of the Level III accreditation, the accreditors and even university officials, college deans, faculty, and guests were overwhelmed with the wonderful AVP of the college's history. And as the AVP on the college's remarkable achievements was shown, the college's faculty members were seen bursting into tears while watching. Truly, the college deserves to reach such recognition today.

Congratulations to PUP College of Communication for having its Bachelor in Broadcast Communication and Bachelor in Journalism programs accredited Level III (National) by AACCUP!

Long Live COC!! The First Communication School in the Philippines to Reach Level III Accreditation Status!

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