Thursday, May 01, 2008

PUP Enrollment Schedule (Updated & Official)

Here is the new schedule, and perhaps final and official since it is from the faculty bulletin of COC.

May 12 - Second year
May 13 - Third year
May 14 - Fourth year
May 15 - Irregular First year/Second year
May 16 - Irregular Third year/Fourth year
May 20 to June 6 - First year
June 9 -
Start of Classes

Meanwhile, here is the old schedule posted on this blog (04/10/08 8:21AM):

This is from a text message claiming that it is the latest official schedule for the 1st Semester of School Year 2008-2009, although there is no clear schedule posted on the university's official website.

May 12-23
First Year

Second Year

May 28-29
Third Year

May 30-June 2
Fourth Year

June 3-4
Fifth Year & Late Enrollees

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