Tuesday, September 23, 2008

an all-new blind item: harder and better

We have rehashed our blind item segment and now we're introducing to you, Mr. Gossip Guy, your one and only source to the most scandalous lives of PUP Maskom's elite. So, Old Sta. Mesa Dwellers, are you ready? Here we go.

This final year in the top section seems to be the moment of revelations for everyone. After Funny J intentionally/unintentionally spread the news about him one-by-one to almost all, he seems to be having fun continually playing around, switching toys.

Enormous M and others may have been acquited, but a stringer told Gossip Guy that Coach D and Peculiar M are not done yet. Hmm, looks like revenge is synonymous to punishment after all. Careful, girls.

Jaded M is on the works of gathering his former mates to finally settle their issue once and for all. Will the truth be friendly enough to come out, or will Suspected D and Enormous M eat their own tittle-tattles? I guess Solid J and others are not satisfied with keeping the secret so better spit them out and repent.

And what is this old "seemingly solved" mystery in the last few years, that appears to be not so true after all? Our reliable source told Gossip Guy that Indecent J and Muddled R have actually done it four times already on different occasions. Hmm, are you really enjoying or what?

On a slumber party, Gossip Guy discovers some personality dysfunctions from Towering C and Solid J, which according to Fluent P is based on her observations upon them. So that explains it, how Towering C secretly and unreasonably despises Fervent H, and how Solid J is insecure on pretty things.

Better get going before I reveal their identities..

You know you enjoy me.. xoxo Gossip Guy


Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha.... i know everything...... sobrang bad mo na ngayon.... hindi na siya katapangan.... kasamaan na yung iba...... nakuuu.....hahahahahaha ingat ka lang sa mga kwento mo... kahit gano ka reliable... kahit gaano katotoo.... may confirmation and permission pa din....

Gossip Guy said...

i may be bad, but im not evil. my stories are meant just to entertain and/or give warning. if you really know everything and you know it may hurt someone, then stay concealed like my gossip.

you know you enjoy me coz you're reading this blog.. xoxo Gossip Guy

Anonymous said...

letshi ka.... dapat may interviews ka na din sa mga taong kasama jan ganun dapat mag level up ka na kaya

Anonymous said...

woohoo. something fishy here. if subject is too sensitive, dont spill out. this is world wide web my dear, millions can view this, plus its like spilling it out to the whole class.

do you think its right.
my dear think a little.