Friday, October 03, 2008

hu's preggy?

It created talk in class when the group message circulated. But the question is, who's pregnant anyway? Let Gossip Guy give you some more clue. Well, there are many possibilites based on the the previous statements. It said, "guess hu's preggy", which may mean a lot of things. The preggy may come from almost anything: an irregular student enrolled in the class, a girl in the class with a boyfriend, a guy in the class with a girlfriend, a gay claiming to be one, or a professor. But one thing's for sure, the picture above is excluded. And the name is, Castaway.

You know you enjoy me coz you're reading.. xoxo Gossip Guy

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Anonymous said...

meynard favor pasend sakin ung endorsement letter.. .ph a!) wala kasi ako natanggap.. tnx!