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Repost from the Facebook account of BBrC159 member Erica Ngui. For the past few days, it has already received dozens of positive feedback because of her courage in speaking her mind out.


by Eca Ong on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 1:01pm

“Courage is defined by how you face adversity eye-to-eye.” - brattyeca

Disclaimer: I am a COC alumna and I value this institution with all my heart. My pastor told me to think thrice before doing this, I actually thought about it a hundred times before sitting down and began typing.

The reason why I’m doing this, is because i know i am right. I have a point. Moreover, needless of I may be able to influence people or not… it won't matter to me. I know people would have different reactions. It’s okay, I understand. I am a writer; therefore, I would be the last person to hamper or subjugate the freedom of expression and would be the first one to defy, if it is done to me. Text me, call me, sue me, whatever… I don’t care. ^_^ – eca

I have walked its walls for four years and I know the reason behind its breath.

I watched as it tackled and trampled on challenges and rejoiced as it triumphed over and over again.

I caught a glimpse of its true strength and realized the principle it had been using all this time…

The standard that makes it different and proved endless institutions wrong into believing they are better.

Intelligence and passion, the main core of COC, the things that landed us above the status quo in the study of communication. With that, I reveled in pride, I still am.

So just imagine my distress, when I saw a certain page called “COC’s Finest” and read its info… It says:

[Good day COCians.

This is the official page of the finest faces and personalities of the College of Communication in PUP.

Photos will still be updated if needed so.

Tag your photos here if you think your one of the finest and find out soon if you will be included. :)))))]

First words I said: "what the? Ano 'to? Sino gumawa nito?"

Di ko na pinuna ang incorrect grammar coz' I was shocked... I commented on the page and asked if it's a new org, no one replied... I got busy with my life until one day I was notified that someone liked my comment and commented as well... I began to realize that, it's not only me... There is something wrong...

So I have 6 key points to discuss...

  1. The said group creates a culture of discrimination among COCians. Kung gwapo ka o maganda, you can join us?!! Ganon? E paano kung di ka maganda o gwapo pero matalino ka at magaling... Di ka pwede kasi "finest faces lang daw." This kind of delineation among students, this false sense of status quo psychologically creates a notion na dahil di sila maganda, hanggang doon lang sila...
  2. Sobrang vague at constricted ang saklaw... What's the point of creating a group so shallow and tagging the name of our college with it?!!?!?!?! What? Tell me! Napaka-frivolous at foolish, sana di nalang nilagay yung name ng COC, sana di na lang ginawa actually...
  3. "Finest" the word itself connotes something more than beauty. COC's finest... The best of the best... The most successful... Ganun ang dating ng COC's finest, hindi yung pinaka-magaganda at pinaka-gagwapo...
  4. Sige, sabihin natin makiki-ride on ako sa "finest faces notion",,, Kulang yan... Kulang na kulang... Sana kung sino man ang gumawa e naghanap talaga, dahil maraming alumni ang COC na drop dead gorgeous!! Ang kinalabasan kasi, kung sino lang ang nasa campus, o yung mga alumni na nakikita... Edi kung ganun dapat may disclaimer yung gumawa ng page, katulad nito: "di ko kasi kilala lahat ng pinaka-magaganda at pinaka-gagwapo e, pasyensya na... Pa-tag na lang, please" ganun ang tama! Dalawa jan ay kabarkada ko, kaya if you think na may "prejudice" ako katulad ng gumawa ng page, wala,,, Badtrip lang talaga ako sa gumawa ng page na 'to at wala akong pakialam! Maiintindihan ng mga anak ko ang ginawa ko...

  1. Beauty is subjective... Sino ang nagdedesisiyon kung sino ang makakasama sa listahan ng "finest faces"? Di kasi maaalis ang personal bias... For all I know, sinama niya ang sarili niya... Kasi personal photo ang profile picture ng page... Di ko siya kilala pero, fudge (I promised my pastor na di ako magmumura)... Egomaniac? Creepy... It's like declaring na siya ang pinaka sa lahat ng pinaka!! Wow... Sabaw!
  2. This is the saddest part... Maraming matatalino, maraming passionate na COCians, di lahat maganda pero kayang makipag-showdown ng abilidad kahit kaninoman... Sana yung group, naging inspirational na lang.. "Hall of Fame type" with pictures of successful alumni, di kailangan media practitioners, dahil hindi limitado ang utak ng mga COCians sa media lang!

Ang unang papasok sa isip ng katagang COC's Finest is, the best of the best, the cream of the crop... Kung naging inspirational ito, maiisip ng mga COCians ngayon na "Ay, I want to be like them, I want my picture lined up alongside theirs someday..." but, it is not like that... That's why I am furious.

I've said my piece.

I have nothing against sa mga guys and gals na may pictures doon sa page kasi I don't think that you insisted on putting your pics there...and I'm not saying na you guys and gals are not gorgeous, you are! Dalawa diyan anak ko.. Hello, ang gwapo ng mga anak ko noh...!!

But I have something against sa tao o mga taong gumawa ng page... May message ako sa iyo o sa inyo: "Di ko alam kung ilang taon ka na, kung anong year mo na, kung ano ang pangalan mo, pero sana bago ka grumaduate, malaman mo ang tunay na kahuluhgan ng pagiging isang COC student, it is more than just beauty my dear/s... Godbless you and I mean it."

Erica Bacalso Ngui


COC Alumna

Pls. feel free to repost... :d

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