Saturday, October 07, 2006

An Open Letter to all Second Year BBrC Sections

October 7, 2006

I heard just today that there was a closed door meeting yesterday regarding the music video of RC 2-2D. I wasn't able to come because I was sick. I learned that there really is some disturbance going on among sections of second year BBrC. I am speaking to you not as the president of my section, BBrC 2-1D, but as a BBrC student alone. Before I raise my side, here is a copy of the Kalikasan Awards contest mechanics:

1. All participants must be a group or class.

2. Entries must be the product of the Audio Video Techniques Course, 2nd Sem SY 2005-2006 (RC102).

3. The concept of the entries must be original.

4. A registration fee of Php 350.00 must be paid.

5. All entries must be submitted on or before September 25, 2006 together with the following:

· A short introduction of the music video

· 2 copies of the music video (preferably in SVCD or DVD format)

· 1 promotional poster in any form

· Entry Form

· Registration Fee

6. All entries must relate to the environmental theme.

7. All participating groups must prepare the following:

· Promotional Poster

o Size must be (maximum- cartolina size)

o Must Promote the Music Video

o Use of material doesn’t matter

o Must include the name of the Adviser

· Promotional Booth

o Will stay for 4 days (September 25- 28)

o Must be creative and must rely to the song

o Must play your Video

o To generate funds for people’s choice

· Production No.

o Must use the song as the music

o May be in song, dance or any creative way

o Maximum of 7 minutes

8. Entries will be judged as follows:

· Music – 30%

· Graphical Quality – 30%

· Interpretation – 20%

· Appeal -20%

9. The Following awards will be given to the winners

· Music Video of the Year

· 2nd Best Music Video of the Year

· 3rd Best Music Video of the Year

· Best in Videography

· Best in Production No.

· Best Musical Arrangement

· Best Booth

· Best Poster

· People’s Choice Award

10. Judging for the Major Awards (i.e. Music Video of the Year, 2nd best and 3rd best Music Videos and others) will be a closed door judging on September 27, 2006 at the CoC AVR. Only 2 representatives per entry are allowed inside the AVR for security purposes.

11. The judges’ decision will be final.

Now, you've read it all clearly. There is NO RULE that a copyrighted song is not allowed to join the contest. There is also NO RULE that there should be only one entry per section. Besides, the mechanics used the term 'GROUP' and not section. So it's alright if RC2-2D has 2 entries.

It is CMMA (Catholic Mass Media Awards) and not Broad Circle's Kalikasan Awards that requires an original song as its entry.

I want to apologize if I posted the teaser of the Kalikasan Awards on YouTube without permission. To those questioning why I put the words “please support Magandang Bukas,” it was for the People’s Choice. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Besides, it wouldn’t affect the decision of the judges, will it?

If you still want to say something, I'm very much willing to listen if you think I've forgotten something.

PS: My concerns now are those who were able to pass their requirements (poster, registration form, reg. fee) after the deadline (September 25). Isn't it that there was a DEADLINE? Why were they still allowed to pass? Isn't it unfair for my section who faithfully met those requirements? Another thing is the production number. BroadCircle moved it to October 9 instead of Oct. 4, because of the very irresponsible reason that the 'other' sections are not prepared yet. Whatever those sections' reasons are, it's very unfair for my section who sacrificed time and effort just to be able to present well on Sept. 29, which was moved several times from Oct. 4 and now Oct. 9. We’re beginning to have problems, now that it’s overlapping with our Comm. Campaigns and other affairs.

Just remember, victory is worthless without grace and equality. Let things happen the way they should be.

Respectfully yours,

A Concerned 2nd Year BBrC Student

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