Sunday, November 19, 2006

55 - 2 - 5 = 48

From being a BBrC 1-1D '05-'06 to the now BBrC 2-1D '06-'07, there have been some changes. Well, of course, changes are normal since we get to have different schedules, different rooms, and different teachers every semester. But what's odd is the withdrawal of some classmates, which is a bit unexpected since we are one of the block sections in the college.

All of us were regular students back then. The next year, when we officially became BBrC 2-1D, Angelo Baluyot and Charlemagne Losaria left the college and transferred. Angelo is now in the College of Science, under the course Chemistry. ChaCha, on the other hand, didn't just left the college, but the university as well, now that he is a Geography student in the University of the Philippines-Diliman. Adding to that, Anna Chrisma Guerrero has turned into an irregular student because of noncompliance to the prerequisite subject Introduction to Broadcasting, thus prohibiting her to take Broadcast Announcing and Performance.

Our second semester as BBrC 2-1D moved to a new phase as Heidi Cabalo, Darlyn Claire Alcuriza, and Ferdinand Santiago all became irregular students. Two because of work and one because of performance. Heidi and Darlyn are now working as call center agents, making them decide to shift to being irregulars. Ferdinand has been very busy with his vocation as an activist, that's why he was dropped in Public Information.

From being a 55-man section, we are now composed of 48 survivors. Even so, our good old classmates still have communication with us, and Heidi and Darlyn took some of their subjects in our class. What's next to come? No one knows, we'll just have to expect for the unexpected.

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