Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Supposed to be Wake-Up Call

I would like to believe that there is no actual perfect section, but it's what the students' hearts have that make their section seamless. As for us, I feel it's way different. Factions, competition, conflicts, insecurities, opportunists, and personal problems continue to divide the class and in short, push away from unity.

Perhaps strong leadership is one thing needed to discipline such class of intellectual people. Most of our classmates agree that because everyone in the class is smart, there is definitely a clash of ideas and opinions that tend to separate us from each other. As Pamela and I both believe that it's very hard to tame this seemingly shrewish groups within the group. Heidi was definitely the best caretaker to handle this lion. She has this sense of authority, unlike me and Pamela.

We have a team of entertainers, a team of academic people, a team of 'billiards', a team of pretty ladies, a team of gimmickeros, a team of simple people, and others who go solo. Maybe a class of over fifty uniquely smart individuals is too large to be united, or is it not?

The Babaylan Festival is memorable because everyone was quite united then. Magandang Bukas was the start and is an evidence of the growing division. The following year, our Majika proved to be a flop on the backstage despite its victory in the college. The Promise was another issue most especially from the conceptualization stage, where the ones to be put on exhibit were terribly discussed and disputed. Those 'intellectual' people appeared to have insulted most of the class because of overpowering the decision-making. The supposed-to-be election became a pinpoint activity by the few. Not everyone may know this, but those who were initially chosen but replaced were disappointed, because they were already asked by Pamela to be put on exhibit. They felt insulted.

Now that the Drama Fest is fast approaching, it is a burden to Pamela on how she will put together these pieces of puzzle scattered in a ghost town. I empathize her feelings that she is being disregarded as a president. It's the same with what I felt when i was on her position. There are those who do not consult with her nor the class and make actions that according to them, are necessary if we want to triumph in the college. I myself am divided with this issue. Pam has a point, the others have too. But the bottom line is, there is no unity.

Dear God, please touch the hearts of everyone of us.

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