Friday, August 15, 2008

all sniffs and boo-hoos. can't let go. yet.


Is it some sort of sympathy from the heavens? SIGH. As much as I would love to stop crying, I find it so hard to resist. When you've shared a bond with people, it would just be so hard to accept the fact that THE THING THAT BONDS YOU ALL has to end, especially when you've become like a family.

Geez, net-surfing only added up to my today's emo-ness, seeing the newly-edited wiki article about DWRT FM, and the mean comments from hate posters from Pinoy Exchange. Maybe I don't hang around the booth a little more frequent than I should that's why I know little about the issues, but still, I feel terribly sad because Campus and 99.5 are now, like, divorced.

Last night, we received a text message from sir John Hendrix, saying the Campus format is no longer associated with 99.5, and that Aircheck is suspended until further notice. OH DEAR. It really is over.

Melodramatic as it sounds, I really couldn't sleep well that night. The thought kept bugging me. The efforts of our mentors were put in vain. The enthusiasm in bringing Campus back in the radio scene is now but a history. And speaking of history, history got itself repeated. And it's a much sadder thought. :(

Upon waking up, I wanted to force myself to believe that it was all a nightmare. But no, it was reality. They say Campus was not able to do well with the sales and ratings. I don't know much about the business side of radio broadcasting, but would it be too much to ask if Campus stayed for a few more months? It's only been what, five months?

It's so sad. Especially when I remember all the fun that we had, working as the Campus Air Force. All the midnight boardworks, the pronunciation bloopers, the pizza galore with sir Joe Spinner.. Darn it, makes me cry some more. Especially when I think of the efforts of the legendary DJs who I never thought I'd be able to work with.

From Campus, 99.5 will be back to it's original format, RT. As for the Campus Air Force, again, history. That of course goes the same with us aircheckers. It's depressing to think that just when we became so attached with Campus, it just suddenly fades . . .

Oh well. We just can't let go just yet. Might take time. And maybe, hard partying, just to forget all the sadness. Videoke party? Booze galore? What have you? Haha.

Like what TJ and Janna mentioned in their blog entries of the same topic, we mustn't miss out on expressing our gratitude to our leaders - JOHN HENDRIX, JOE SPINNER, JIMMY JAM, TRIGGERMAN, JAYBEE, PIPER, ALEX.. Goes the same to the DJs who taught us lots of stuffs as well, and became our dear friends, too - BOYTOY, BIG Z, ZACK ATTACK, DJ RAMON BAUTISTA, DJ ANGEL, DJ TADO. We are so gonna miss hanging out with you guys.

Campus 99.5 will always be the number one hit music station in Metro Manila. *Ang umangal sasapakin ko! Haha. :)

This is your sweet, thoughtful and chubby airchecker HEYZ, signing off.ö

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