Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stay Away

I've previously posted the songs which were composed for a presentation under the subject Creative Writing, but this time, here is a composition that sprung because of being in love...

Composed by: Boots Sermeno

every single day,
i'm filled with thoughts of you
Boy, it's drivin me crazy..
i don't know what to do

You pass by me everyday
but you never looked my way
my head is burstin and my heart is bleedin
so let me sing for you

*stay away
coz i can't help but fall
and i hate this feeling coz i'm losin all control
so don't come close
coz heaven knows
just one smile, just a smile, just one smile
would make me fall

I guess it really shows
how much this feeling grows
and though i try to keep it inside
I just can't seem to hide

i hate the day you caught my eye
i even hate the way you smile
coz when you do, you melt my heart
and my whole world falls apart

(repeat *)

SOURCE: Boots' Friendster Bulletin Board Posting

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