Monday, January 01, 2007

Plutari Gets a Haircut

As a New Year's Treat, here is the poem by Hazel Elizes for their group's presentation under the subject Creative Writing, during our first sem as RC 2-1:

Poem Written by:

Hazel Elizes

Presentation Directed by:

Glaiza Joy Valiente

Daren Sabaybay

Tracy Villalon

Mart Elias Carlo Marañon

Sounds/Lighting Controlled by:

Arlene Fruto

Costumes Designed by:

Karla Beñas


Plutari – Glaiza Joy Valiente

Schoolgirls – Hazel Elizes

Tracy Villalon

Karla Beñas

Brugita the Witch – Bezaleel Coniate

Merman – Adrian Oriondo

Gods – Daren Sabaybay

Evely Cristina Escanilla

Dennise Rae Trinidad

Joralynn Enebrad

Good Couple – Lorman Dantes

Mart Elias Carlo Marañon

Spencer – Edryan Lorenzo

Hairdresser – Christine Sumpay

  1. They say the hair is the crowning glory,

You’ll certainly think twice once you see Plutari.

She has long, bushy hair that goes far below her waist,

If you’ll think it’s pretty, you’re a person with no taste.

  1. “Plutari, get a haircut,’ her peers would say,

Although they doubt she’ll look pretty one fine day.

“No! Never! I totally refuse!

Even you wouldn’t dare if you were in my shoes!”

  1. Now here comes the biggest question,

Why is having a haircut such a big decision?

Before Plutari was born, a curse was made,

Once her hair is cut short, she’ll become a horrid mermaid!

  1. Hundreds of years ago, far-fetched as it may seem,

There lived an ugly witch with an evil scheme.

“All these hair that I stole, I will turn to magical gold,

To give me everlasting beauty so I can never grow old!”

  1. With her deceptive beauty, she had found her true love,

But it was actually a trick from the gods above.

“Your beloved one is a merman that’s fidgety,

And we did not bless him with the gift of immortality!”

  1. “You have been very evil, Brugita the Witch,

All the horrible things you do to make our eyebrows twitch!

To put an end to this, we give you a curse,

Compared with the most painful death, it’s probably worse!”

  1. “Your great-great descendant will have very long hair,

Her foul look will make no one dare to stare.

Cut her hair short, then the hideousness will fade,

But within seconds she will turn to the ugliest mermaid!”

  1. Brugita the witch did bear the dead merman’s child,

But to the poor infant, she was never mild.

She left the child sleeping soundly and never came back,

Until a good couple came to suffice what the baby’s parents lack.

  1. Now who is the unfortunate witch and what’s her connection,

To the story of Plutari who lacks perfection?

This is a secret only known by a few,

The witch is the great-great grandmother Plutari never knew!

  1. When Plutari was young, she had a strange dream,

She never saw the face for it was covered by a gleam.

“My great-great granddaughter, you have been cursed,

I have been so evil, now my heart wants to burst.”

  1. “Never cut your long hair even though it makes you unattractive,

For you will turn into a mermaid with a face so repulsive!

It was my entire fault, and to you I will make it up,

I will always give you guidance, and make your suffering stop.”

  1. Going back to Twiggy Hill High School,

Where pretty girls with pretty hair are the ones who rule;

Plutari cries with a strong feeling of contempt,

That going near her would be quite an attempt!

  1. Little did she know, a few meters farther,

Sits quietly a timid boy who truly likes her.

“Plutari, Plutari, how silly you are!

It’s like having a haircut to be hit by a car.”

  1. Timid Spencer felt a need to be braver,

To contrary Plutari, he walked nearer.

“Oh dear Plutari, don’t feel scornful to them,

It’s not entirely true that they want to cause you mayhem.”

  1. “They always mock me,” said teary-eyed Plutari,

“Hearing their criticisms makes me feel ugly and weary.

She contemplated for a moment, then the unthinkable happened.

A fifty-peso bill from her pocket, she decided to spend.

  1. “So you want a haircut,” said the beautiful hairdresser,

“I was just wondering what to do to make you look better.”

Before Spencer and the hairdresser become enthralled,

Plutari said, “Anything Miss! Just don’t make me bald!”

  1. And then Plutari gazed at the beautiful hairdresser,

Then felt an urge to ask, “Are you my great-great grandmother?”

The woman started cutting with the scissor in her hand,

Then she smiled and gracefully flicked her magic wand.

  1. When the hairdresser was finished, she gave Plutari’s head a kiss,

She feels so contented as if she has made a masterpiece.

“I bet that boy Spencer just couldn’t wait to see,

The new, captivating look of my great-great granddaughter Plutari!”

  1. Spencer looked as if he got hit by a heavy boulder,

Seeing Plutari’s hair that’s now only up to her shoulder.

“Oh Plutari, I truly am fazed,

With your dazzling beauty that got me amazed!”

  1. Taking such risks could get awfully scary,

But it really pays off when you have unquestionable bravery.

Think of the thorns then you’ll be forever in doom,

But if you believe in roses, you’ll bring them to bloom.

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