Tuesday, December 12, 2006

accreditation accomplished; now let's go for MOGC! :)

Haha, this is nice. My very first post in our class' blog. ;)

These past few weeks had brought overwhelming pressure to many (not all) COC students, especially those who helped with the accreditation. Several diligent students from our class even sacrificed attendance and activities from classes in other subjects for the sake of helping out our class adviser with those 'nosebleeding' (?) stuffs, as well as carrying the burden that our adviser alone just won't be able to handle. Truly, they (I'm one of them, actually. Although my help wasn't as good as theirs. Haha.) deserve the applause and touching words given by Prof. Bernabe this morning. Plus, isn't it extremely nice to think that all our efforts paid off? Wow! Level 3! So cool.

But still, I don't know what AACCUP stands for.

Just... Let me try. Please don't laugh too hard.

1) Accreditation of Accreditors of Concerned Colleges and Universities in the Philippines? Nah.. That was dumb.

2) Accreditation and Assessment of Cool Colleges and Universities in the Philippines? Yikes. Dumb again. Cute though... Right?

Okay, I'll stop. This is getting too embarrassing. Haha.

Now let's move on to MOGC. Just this morning, Prof. Bernabe informed us that our class is in the running towards becoming the Most Outstanding Graduating Class - or MOGC. My views on that? I think we definitely need to be more united, as well as cooperative with the projects that our class will be tackling in the future. Yes, we are one happy bunch, but let's face it! In a way, we are still demarcated.

We still have two years to show our worth of becoming the Most Outstanding Graduating Class, and I wholeheartedly believe that we can rock this one if only we'll all join hands. :)

As a conclusion, let me share a very commonly used maxim taken from The Three Musketeers - "All for one, and one for all!"

Yehey. We rock! \m/


JM said...

Hi swangsie! Thanks for joining our class website... Anyway, since I'm on the net, I had the chance to search what AACCUP stands for (after 10 years..) It's Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines. You can visit their website HERE.

How I wish we get that MOGC [read as "mogsi"] recognition when we graduate... But in some way or another, our class is also the same with the other sections that, at times, get to have some misunderstanding chorvas... (you know...) I hope we get truly united someday...

Go 2-1D! Aja! (hehe)

Anonymous said...

MOGC? bakit hindi? maaari ko bang gamitin ang kinamulatang wika kapag ako ay sumulat ng isang "entry" dito sa blog?