Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Lamentations of the Neglected Ones

by Aura Bernadette Claudio

I'm sick and tired of this life
I have this burden that cut through me like a knife.
I had done everything,
but ended up with nothing.
I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain.

All my life I lived in vain,
nothing but pain.
I shed tears
Cause my heart is filled with tears.
My emotions are worthless.
My existence is meaningless.

Dreams from the past
It drives me insane.
A disease that spreads fast
That gives me unbearable pain
If only I can get thru this
If only I can get thru this blitz
To feel the one they called bliss.

1 comment:

JM said...

i never thought AB would feel like this, or maybe she's just representing another person and not her...