Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Truth About Women

by Gary Damgo

My best friend once told me that throughout my life women would confuse me. I never understood what my best friend was telling me until today. In a relationship, men need someone who will be their friend, companion, and lover, but on the other hand, women have no clue of what they want from a relationship. Women are difficult to please, and I must add, they are IMPOSSIBLE.

"I like you. I love you. I want to marry you." Women use these testimonies everyday to set up a clueless ending to a relationship. I f I were to tell you all the reasons why women are impossible, I would be writing forever. I plan not to do that. I'll start by saying just not long ago; a friend of mine was having problems in his relationship. His girlfriend ended their relationship for no apparent reason. The only answer she could give my friend was that she felt things between them weren't the same. She concludes by saying it's not that serious. If you ask me, she has no clue what she wants. In relationships, it's just like a woman to leave a man clueless. The man is expected to know what she is thinking at all times. Just when men think they have an idea of what their woman wants and presents them with more love than they can handle, whether the love he gives her is a special kiss or gift, she'll turn it down of course and begin to cry. When things are not going the way women expect them to, they began to cry. They'll dump you, and then begin to cry again like it's the man's fault. Don't get me wrong, men have their faults, but that is the affect of women. Women are the number one reason many men "play" them. Because of women, men now find it necessary to have several women instead of one. If one is being difficult to handle, then there are others to "play" with. Women criticize men for doing this, but if only they knew it is their doing that causes a man to break down, become single, and mess around. Men are tired of trying to satisfy women who are in need of "more" in a relationship, so they seek those women who do not mind a little less love from men. The answer is simple. Women are being used because they are difficult to handle.

In my first relationship with women I thought that everything was nearly perfect. Just when I thought the girl was really the one for me, I find out she has been cheating on me. For two years we have been together. For two years, I tried my best to live up to her expectation as a boyfriend, and for a year she's been cheating on me. For two years, I have spoiled this girl, and she makes me look like a fool. Her actions are what make me think back to what my best friend told me. She commented on how confusing women would be, but she mentions nothing of how impossible women were. I'm figuring she didn't want to mention it because she was one as well.

The type of women that bother me the most is the type in marriage relationships. The man is in charge of the household meaning pressure and stress is already pounding on his back, but here comes the woman not to lend a hand, but to pound on his back as well. "Where are you going? Where have you been all day? Why didn't get me this like I ask?." The questions are continuous. The there are the comments that follow these questions such as, "Honey, guess what. Our two month anniversary is next month." To men this is funny to hear because Valentine's Day and his birthday are a month later, but she says this anyway. But as a male I do not see a problem. As long as SHE's happy, everything is okay.

After reading this paper so far, most women may ask me to ask their men whether they are difficult to please. To tell the truth, no man in their right mind would say their woman is impossible. These men would be too scared of what their woman would say, too scared to hear more complaining from their woman. Deep inside, they're anxious to tell someone like me the truth; the fact that their woman is difficult to handle.

Men need to find a way to end .....

Impossible is the best word that describes women. The only reason for this is that God planned it that way to test men's patience. I know I may have over told the truth a little in this paper, but it SIMPLY describes the fact of how unpleasing women are. I consider this subject very broad because I haven't discussed about mothers and sisters.


JM said...

this is one interesting piece, for me the most controversial... hehe

at some point i agree with gary, although on my belief, based on my everyday experiences with them, added to the fact that my time at school is spent mostly with girls and most of my friends are girls, that women are "HARD TO UNDERSTAND". on gary's point of view, and based on his experience, he decribes women as "IMPOSSIBLE".

probably when i get to have my own girlfriend, i'll have my own conclusion, either the same or not with gary's.

JM said...

heto pa.. galing sa frenster bulletin nya:

Date: Tuesday, 30 October, 2007 7:13 PM
Subject: amp nman oH!!
Message: ang hirap naman magkaron ng pasaway na
kak agawa lang ng frendster eh dalawa
na agad un frend!!
ang masama pa eh ako at un x nya un
dalawang un!..
amp naman talaga oh!..
ewan ko ba dun!..
anu kyang gustong palabasin nun??
hayzzz...bahala sya..
inadd kona din un x ko para patas..
pero lam ko di nun iaacept un invi. ko
eh.. aus lng naman.. pero...
kainis talaga!!... aywan ko sau pusa..
pwd bng mging frend mo agad s
frendster un isang tao na hnd mo
ininvite? dba dapat icoconfirm mo
muna? tama ba?.. tpos kun ininvite mo
naman eh automatic na pag inacept nun
un invi mo eh frend mona sya? tama
ba?.. pls pki sagot kun cno nka basa..
aun.. hay nko.. mukang un pusang un pa
un nag invite dun ah.. haynko talaga..

*_hayzley_* said...

really, girls are not that impossible..

guys are just to0 paranoid. :p

[nice one, gary!!]

The Story Teller said...

wow! you should pass that article to inquirer! very well written! kudos gary!