Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Day Tomorrow Came...

by Erica Ngui

"Friendship is the only cement that can hold the world together"

Kimmy is a friend of mine. She's a skinny girl, not particularly pretty. She doesn't get high grades, doesn't have that many acquaintances. In school, she's really quiet. Doesn't talk; all she does is stare at the teacher and mumble. I always shunned her, when we were in school. I mean, I was on top of the social ladder with all my friends around me. I didn't want to be seen with a nobody. Still, Kimmy put up with me. Later, she stooped looking surprised when I'd tell her I couldn't call tonight. She stopped looking sad when I told her I have to skip lunch with her to have a meeting with my exclusive clique. I kept saying, "Maybe tomorrow." And she'd just nod.

It was after Christmas vacation when a bad rumor spread around the whole school about my so-called-sleep-over with a guy, It was pure gossip, but I didn't expect anyone to believe me. It was my word against the word of the most popular girls in school. Those whom I though were my friends.

I was surprised when Kimmy came up to me and asked me to sit with her. How could she be so nice? There was a time when she was the outcast and I didn't mind her. Now I was the outcast and she treated me no different from before.

She was just Kimmy. The same skinny girl who, on that day made me laughs at her corny jokes. She was the friend I love.

And I did love her. Everyday, in fact. Even when everyone forgot the rumor, even after I was popular again, I didn't leave Kimmy behind anymore.

I guess I finally realized something. All those tomorrows that I kept promising Kimmy? Well, I finally made one come true.

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