Friday, November 02, 2007

Now You See How Weak I Am

by Hazel Elizes

Queries fill up the spaces on thy tortured consciousness.
Spaces supposedly filled with rapture.
Killing the mind, mutilating the heart,
Giving the poor soul no chance of survival.

Must this be deserved?
The door is not yet closed, perhaps.
Of course it is still not.
Fires of rage knock, trying to bum down the door.
But thy ears pretend not to hear.
Thy skin pretends not to feel the burning sensation.

Indeed, thou must be loathed.
But this lamenting heart cannot bear to despise thou.
Not thou, especially not thou.

Release thy anger! Shout to the mountains!
Tell them about thy heartaches.
Reveal thy frailty! Dispel thy hatred!
Let them be thy confidante.
For mountains only listen, talk not.
They shalt not bare thy foolishness to the world.
Only sympathize through silence, they will.

Wrath creeps through thy veins,
But this lamenting heart shalt not despise thou.
Because thine eyes reveal sadness as well.
Thine voice sings songs of melancholy.
Thou have been hurting as well.

Is there nothing to do, but to remain stagnant?
Perhaps, mindless anticipation is the only exploit --
The only exploit to keep the blood flowing.

Flow, thy blood, amid the sorrow.
Keep flowing like the river, never heed the rocks.
Pretend -- just pretend.
Bliss could be just a few more tears away.

Weep, if thy eyes beg to.
But better it be kept to thyself.
For if seen, it only worsens.
Leaving thy self embraced by distress.

Slowly, this wretched being dies, yet still believes in rebirth.
Prayers thrusting to the Heavens.
Hear thy wait, hear thy mourn.
Better yet, obliterate thy sentiments.
Give them wings, let them fly --
To oblivion, where they must thrive.

Let this be the threshold to a new beginning.
With these conundrums, thy sadness trails.
No more, they'll be there no more.

Despair won't thwart this soul no more.
Abhorrence can never be the answer.
Vertical as they are, hopes shall remain.
Elusive are the dreams of being with thee.

BUT wherever thou art, thou shalt remain.
A promise kept until eternity.
Not strong, both inside and out.
Not strong enough to let thee go.

Stay with thee, thy agonized soul shalt remain.
Never letting go even if thou cannot bear thy presence no longer.
Stay with thee, until the end of days doth arrive.
Until the Heavens redeem thy wounded heart.

With these conundrums, thy sadness traits.
Thy sadness trails, yet thy love lingers.

Now you see how weak I am.

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