Sunday, November 04, 2007

Masked Shadow

by Evely Cristina Escanilla

You cheer me up when I'm sad
You let me rest when I'm tired
You take the pain away when I'm hurt
You keep me company when I'm alone.

You won't stop 'til the distress is done
You save the day when I'm in trouble
You've taught me things I haven't known
Some wonders of life to me you've shown.

Truly you're one special hero
And there's so much you can do
But there's so little time
You can't always be by my side.

I've realized I can't keep you here
Nor would you let yourself be kept by someone like me
There's so much for you out there
I can't be too attached, I guess.

Besides I don't know you well
You're too good in keeping your self
The reality, I guess, won't show
As long as you're the masked shadow.

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