Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Bestfriend

by Tracy Villalon

When I'm alone,
You're always there to he with me.
When I'm down on my knees,
You're always there to pick me up.
When I find my self in the dark,
You're always there to light me up.

I remember the days when we were kids,
We were very happy when we see magic tricks.
We go to school together, share the snacks with each other,
You let me copy your homework, so I can get a star from our teacher.
Everytime I stumble when we run in the park,
You hold my hand and carry me up.

There was a time when I was broke,
The guy I loved left me with no hope.
He filled my heart with tears and hurt,
"I never loved you", was his last words.
In the middle of the night I was crying,
Then you came along to wipe my tears.
"I will always love you" is what you said to me.

Thank you my friend, you're the best in the world.
I never imagined my life without you.
We grew up together, we stand for each other,
And nobody can break the friendship we build together.
You're always there for me and I will always be there for you.
No matter how hard life is, you will always be my best friend,
I will forever love.